2020: A Space Odyssey

Just a quick thank you to everyone who is following our music, we are very humbled by your interest and are working hard to make 2020 a breakout year for Morganthus.

We have a couple new songs to release this spring, a music video in the works, some merchandise planned, and a fantastic new drummer to work with, as well as hopes to put out some physical copies of our work

Keep spreading the word, keep sharing the tunes, and above all, keep listening. We don’t make music for profit. We aren’t trying to fit any molds. We just congregate and make music that comes naturally and energetically. Our music is borne of our desire to communicate with it. To pass on to you something that is sacred, that creates a bond between you, and us, that only we can share in.

May 2020 draw our consciousness’ ever closer.

Keep it alive.

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